Custom Servers - Storage

Advanced Storage Solutions

Source Code is home to a team of expert engineers with decades of experience designing the world’s most complex storage systems, those that are critical components of high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Customers benefit from their deep understanding of the implications of design choices to end user performance, future flexibility, and total cost of ownership, among other issues.

Thanks to strong relationships with leading technology partners, Source Code engineers can also utilize new, cutting-edge technologies to help make storage more scalable and secure without sacrificing performance. Options include everything from software-defined storage (SDS) to storage platforms optimized specifically for the cloud or AI workloads to composable infrastructure technology.

The result is that clients have exactly what their unique business and technology needs require today and a strong foundation for tomorrow.


Stand-Alone Storage Systems

Source Code also offers stand-alone storage options for virtually every type of computing infrastructure. Buyers can choose from JBODs (a device so comparatively simple its name is an acronym for “just a bunch of disks”) to network-attached storage (NAS) to policy-based software-defined storage (SDS) for enterprise-grade systems.

Using a proprietary, guided configurator that embeds engineering best practices into the options and a powerful e-commerce platform, clients who know what they need can quickly order and receive exactly what they need to help them achieve their results.