Research & Education

Custom Server: Compute

HPC Clusters & AI Systems

Private and public universities around the world rely on Source Code for the high-performance computing (HPC) clusters and artificial intelligence (AI) systems that run their complex often ground-breaking research. Their data-driven projects in astrophysics, computational biology, health sciences, computational chemistry, materials and manufacturing, and numerous other computing-intensive investigations are only as productive as the equipment used to run the calculations.

That's why Source Code engineers use their decades of experience working with higher education and research groups to create highly customized, optimized computing systems. The team uses Linux-based, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) elements to build complete HPC and AI systems that outperform expectations.


Customizable Servers

Organizations looking to expand their existing systems or smaller organizations that need less computing power than a cluster can order powerful, individual servers and workstations online. The result is that more researchers can get access to more of the advanced computing resources they need. That, in turn, allows these Source Code clients to solve the most challenging problems facing the world today.


Custom Server: Storage

Compute/Storage Solutions

Researchers generate billions of petabytes of data every day, in a variety of form factors (i.e., text, images, numbers, etc.), each of which has different requirements for easy storage and fast access. Many researchers come to Source Code seeking a design team with experience in a storage infrastructure that feeds this large, complex set of data in a way that is optimized for HPC or AI systems. Others need help building enterprise-grade, standalone storage infrastructure to house historical data that must be retained for specific periods of time.

Standalone, Enterprise-Grade Storage

Source Code engineers work with these researchers to understand the types of data, frequency, and type of data access, frequency of data ingress/egress, strategic organizational needs, and many other issues that impact the technologies used in their storage architecture systems.

Individual Storage Appliances

Researchers who may already have a storage system in place can also come to Source Code to quickly expand by configuring a customized individual storage appliance online. Source Code’s configurator brings together engineering best practices, component compatibility on physical design, and other parameters to quickly configure the optimal product for their unique needs.